Two Steves // One Community

Having been a realtor for the last two decades, I have seen my share of bizarre situations, odd coincidences, and shocking discoveries. Nothing tends to surprise me anymore. Also, for the last two decades, I have spent my days, nights, and weekends in and around Oak Park and River Forest. You have welcomed me into your homes, and have seen me at local events and immersed in the community that I both work and live in.

So you can imagine my confusion as the discovery of the following unfolds...

Lo and behold, there are two of us with a mere letter distinguishing us from having the same moniker and working the same "local beat" in Oak Park. 

Hold onto your hats, friends....I am not the talented Steve Schering, Pioneer Press & Chicago Tribune reporter… I am Steve Scheuring, Realtor and Local OPRF Expert.

Don't get me wrong! I want to thank all of you who feel I am the ever so dedicated reporter and eloquent writer, Steve Schering.  But alas… I am not. 

I like to think (hope) I am good at a few things… father, husband, brother, son and the agent helping you move in, out, and around the local area.  But writing?... I am okay, but as this blog can attest, not as good as Steve Schering!!! There isn’t a spell check program powerful enough. 

 Steve Schering, the reporter, has been covering local stories for a number of years. But recently a large amount of my very own friends, clients and even family... (yes… my own family!)… have thought that all of those articles were by me. If any of them knew me well enough, they would be able to distinguish me from my writing twin based on sheer punctuation alone!!! (!!!!!!!)

 And to confuse things even more… Steve Schering himself is a photographer and I am as well!  Still, my photography centers on specialized real estate photography. I am also one of many volunteer photographers for the OPRF Marching Huskies and the occasional pro-bono photographer for other local school groups. 

Recently, Steve and I met face-to-face at an OPRF high school football game. He's a fantastic individual. I had to resist the urge to ask for a selfie. I want to thank Steve Schering, the reporter, for allowing me to put this post out there.  May we continue to co-exist as separate individuals in this wonderful community. Thanks, Steve!

-From Steve.