Cropping A Picture Perfect

We take how many photos a year with our digital cameras? Hundreds? Thousands? Do you like them all? No! Every shot does not turn out perfect. So what do you do? Delete the photo?

The next time you think you have an only “OK” shot… go to the cropping feature of your photo editing software and do some experimenting before you delete the photo!!

Ok… so now this is where you say, “Aaaaa… Steve? What photo editing software?” Well, get out your camera’s original box and look for a CD that came with it. Many times the manufacturer has included software that gets loaded on your computer and contains some basic editing features. And let me tell you… cropping is basic.

Now! Take a look at the peacock featured image at the top of the post. Like it? If so then tell all your peeps on your social outlets. I need to get the word out about this blog so help me out please.

Anyway, can you believe that photo came from the original pic that I have given you below? It did. So here is the key to really closely cropping an image almost making it a “macro” photo… image size. The higher the megapixel your digital camera can take a photo the more flexibility you will have to play and crop the picture… to perfect. Because what are you doing when you crop? In essence you are taking scissors and cutting out a good amount of the photo. If the image is large enough then “so what!”… you have more to work with.

So the other day I was shooting a condo to get it ready to go on the market. I step outside to take a photo of the back porch and it is a sunny day and the deck area is set with chairs and it is a beautiful shot!!! Well, I get to my office and look closer at the photo and see that the shot captured a section of the neighbor’s window that has a sign in it “BEWARE OF DOG!!!” Ugh… and I do one of those head drops at my desk in frustration.

 I call my seller and I say, “Hey… we got a problem. How bad is that dog that lives in that condo next to yours? Cujo-like?” And the seller replies heck no! Great dog. And when I ask about the sign the seller says that has been there for years and he is sure the owner has it there as their form of a security system! So the sign gets removed.

 Well, rather than go back to the house and try and create the great shot all over again minus the sign… I cropped it out. In other words I changed or decreased the framing of the photo to leave out the sign. Problem solved. Picture still looks great! See?!?!