Don't Let Old Homes Scare You

For those out there scared of old homes take a look at this. “What the heck am I looking at, Steve?” 

Well this home was built in 1899! We are situated on the outside north side of the house with 3 layers of siding removed… the original clapboard, a layer of asphalt siding (circa 1940) and the current vinyl siding. This view reveals the actual sill plate (solid horizontal wood plank that sits on the top of the foundation aka “mud sill”.) a 2×6 run of wood. And we are talking a real 2-inch by 6-inch. Today’s “2×6” actually measures 1.5”x5.5”.

The condition of this sill is amazing after more than 100 years! Moisture is detected but no rot whatsoever! Put the siding back and re-grade the dirt keeping moisture away from the house and we are good.

Now see the vertical members that go up from the sill? These most likely run as one solid continuous piece of wood (stud) all the way the 2 stories of the house! Cool, huh?!?! For us house geeks this is a real treat… very rare chance to see this section of such an old home.

To quote from one of my favorite movies,

 "This is the old way… You will not see this again.”

 -The 13th Warrior

No need to be scared of this old house.