My Favorite OPRF Season of the Year

Who doesn’t love summer in OPRF!?!?  The pools… the farmer’s market donuts… the green parks… AND who doesn’t love spring?!?!!  The flowering trees… the farmer’s market donuts… the anticipation of summer… AND! ... but for the lack of donuts, who doesn’t even have a love for winter in OPRF?!?!?  The holiday lights… the snowy nights…


But really… my favorite season of the year in OPRF is… Marching Band Season!!  Yes!  Ever since I was a kid!  I was very young when my family lived at 324 N. Elmwood Ave in Oak Park.  To this day one of my most earliest of all memories is running to the front screen door on a warm (can’t remember if it was fall or spring) afternoon because I could hear them!!  They were coming!!!  See… back in those days (early ‘70’s) the Oak Park & River Forest High School Marching Band would actually practice and march down the streets of the village around the high school.  It was like my own little parade a couple afternoons a week! It was awesome!!


I don’t think you will see the same parading down the streets from today’s OPRFHS Marching Huskies but if you are ever able to get to a home football game or even just a late afternoon rehearsal… you can see and hear for yourself the awesomeness that is this marching band.  As Ken Trainor of the Wednesday Journal so unbelievably asked himself in his October 2017 article, “An Audience of One in the Late Afternoon” (link), you will ask yourself the same… “These are high-school kids?”


Disclaimer – I am biased toward the OPRFHS Marching Huskies because I currently have a junior alto sax and a freshman front-line marching in this band and my oldest was a trumpet marching all 4 years before graduating in 2017.  I have had the privilege of being one of this bands photographers since 2013. You can see the band rehearse most Mondays and Wednesday-Fridays after school at the practice field near the tennis courts at Linden and Erie.  August – mid-October.  This isn’t just a football game playing band… this is a serious competition marching band traveling the state performing their show. GO Marching Huskies!!