Warm & Cozy - Boiler & Furnace Maintenance for the Winter

As the temperature drops, show your home's heating systems some love. You can feel confident that your house will stay toasty as we enter into the winter season...

Here is a panoramic shot of the burners in my home’s hot water heat boiler. I had to remove the Burnham’s flame-out shield in order to get this shot. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

This photograph shows us why it is so important to have your boiler or gas forced air furnace checked and cleaned regularly by an HVAC professional. See the blue flame? This is the hottest flame. See the orange flame? Not as hot as blue. The orange flame tells us there are particulates that need to be “cleaned” from the burner pipes.

See… the gas we burn in our appliances is not pure. The particulates from the gas build up and can clog the burners. This causes the yellow or orange flames which is not as hot as the blue thus making the boiler less efficient. Regular cleaning can cure this issue and help extend the life of this $5,000+ boiler system.

Stay warm going into the holidays!

- Steve