We read the local home ads, we know what our neighbors sold their homes for, and we have a pretty good idea what our own home is worth. Pricing our homes without consulting a professional before putting them on the market is a common and sometimes costly mistake. We as homeowners are biased in regards to what we think our home is worth!

I am a professional real estate agent and I don’t even price my own home. I think my home is a castle, a one-of-a-kind; it is the best house on the block!!! But I would be foolish not to bring my Compass colleagues in for a second opinion.

Even if you are considering selling by-owner let me come in and give you a free market analysis. Unbiased and free of obligation! What do you get out of it, Steve?? Why FREE? What is the catch?!?! Look, I come in and do this for you and you decide to give it a shot For Sale By Owner - fine. If your attempt fails (sadly, there is only a 20% success rate), then I have a good chance that you will call me to discuss listing your home. If your attempt is successful - GREAT! When a friend asks for a recommendation for a Realtor in this area you will remember that I assisted you before you sold your home and you will refer me to your friend. It is that simple.


What is My Home Worth ?


Prepping my Home for selling

DE-CLUTTER!!!!! It is the best advice I can give you. All the mail, bills, birthday cards and kids drawings stacked on the kitchen table - put it away. Have your bookshelves turned into a catch-all place for whenever you come in the front door? Clean them up. Have you started packing and there are boxes everywhere? Find one room that the boxes can be stored in while showings are occurring.

REPAIRS!!! Did you recently renovate a room and not quite finish the detail work? Did you rip up old carpeting and sand your beautiful floors but did not replace the quarter round molding at the baseboards? Did you patch, sand, and paint your first floor but just never got to the second floor? First impressions are everything so why let these little yet lethal details cost you thousands of dollars or days on the market? “But that quarter round is only 2 hours worth of work and the materials only $50!!!! I’ll let the next owner finish that.”

These unfinished little details speak a larger more general message to a buyer. The buyer is thinking: “Sure the floors are beautiful but they didn’t finish the job.” Or, “There are so many little things to do in this house!” It is worth your time and $$ to call a handyman and get the little stuff done. Email me and I can help you find the people to do the work.

While I do have graduate-level negotiation training, it is my nearly two decades of selling experience that makes me an expert residential real estate broker. On average, I facilitate roughly 50 transactions a year. Negotiating is not an exact science, and is best handled without emotion. I will always have your best interest at heart when I represent on your behalf.

As a seller it is almost humanly impossible not to get emotional during this time. This is yet another reason why you need a professional who sees these transactions day-in and day-out. I will give you objective advice and guide you in making the decisions that get you what you want.


Contracts & Negotiations


Then...All the Little Things

Selling a home means a mountain of small tasks and to-dos that need to be executed according to a contractual timeline.

Getting through the milestones of listing to contract to closing takes time and commitment. It's nearly a full time job for those who do it infrequently!

So it is paramount to have someone on your team whose priority is selling your home. With every resource necessary and numerous contacts in the industry, you can relax and let me do the hard work for you.

In this time of transition, your attention can be devoted to the important things in life like work, family and friends.

Together, we can make a big job a no-brainer.

Why Sellers Choose Me

Selling a home should be a pretty straightforward process, and in the best of all worlds, it is. In the real world, however, challenges arise during all transactions. This will not change. What sets realtors apart are the solutions to the challenges. Among real estate agents you will find a vast difference in the level of experience, expertise and commitment to quality of service.